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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Travis!

Travis is a ridge back X German Shepherd X A million other breeds but even I'm not sure what those breeds are!
Travis is 4 years old and is the best dog ever!
He will eat anything you give him but is very scared of thunderstorms.
When Trav was just a pup he practically ate our house.
He ate our T.V remote,Our Washing Machine and drill cables,Newspapers and just recently he invaded my sisters room for the umpteenth time and ate her Paw Paw Oil and searched her school bag which resulted in an angry sister.
Even though he eats everything we still love him to bits and we have some really memorable moments.
Travis is very disobedient on walks and pulls and growls and anything that moves but would never hurt a thing but the dog owners with those little minuscule dogs don't think that and always have to pick up their darling little Fifi.
Travis once went to puppy school but failed miserably, but hey nobody's perfect now are they.
Trav treats life like a big adventure and if everyone treated the world like that it would be a better place!!!
Here are some pics of Travis.
Well that's practically Trav's life.........For Now!!!