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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question Of The Week Wednesday!!!

Hey Everyone
Welcome to Question Of The Week Wednesday!
This week's question is............................................

"What is the best award you have ever won"

Good Luck
That's All For Now

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where In The World Is Travis Tuesday!!!

Hi Everyone
Welcome To Where In The World Is Travis Tuesday!
This week was very hard but congratulations to...............................................................

Gus And Waldo
The Bumpass Hounds

There was 2 winners again this week because Bumpass Hounds for the second week in a row were very specific with their answer and solved the clue!
Well Done too Gus And Waldo on their second victory for this award.

Here is the next destination.
The clue is look at the flag and my pawrents are from here.

Have a grrrrreat day

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Short Piece of Writing About Travis

On my newest blog: The (W)riting Room I have written a short piece about Travis and I was wondering if any of you would like to check it out.
If you have any of your own dog stories you would like to share on the site - send them to me via e-mail ( and I will publish them on my blog for you.

Blog Review Monday!

Hey Everybody
Welcome To Blog Review Monday!
This week nobody reviewed Feel Good Funniez so i will have to choose another blog.

The new blog to review is.............................

My Blog-Travis A Dog Like No Other

I thought it would be cool to review my own blog

That's all for now
Don't forget to vote in The Eater Awards

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Supa Saturday!!!

Hey Everybody
Welcome to Supa Saturday!
Because Of The Easter Awards this weeks Supa Saturday will not go ahead but will return next week!
This Week's Results Are............................

In 4th Place With 2 votes and 10% Is Morgan
In 3rd place with 4 votes and 21% Is Ludo
In 2nd Place With 5 votes and 26% Is Joey
And The Winner With 8 votes and 42% Is......................................................


Congratulations To Everyone
And don't forget to vote in The Easter Awards!

Have A Pawsome Day

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Awards Final Phase And More Awards

Hi Everyone
The Easter awards are now at their final stage today the finalists in each category will go from 5 to 3 and then their will be the public votes good luck everyone!!!
Well Here Are The Final 3 for each category.....................

Most Colorful Blog

Samantha-Golden Samantha
Tibby-Tibby Tales
Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Oscar,Tucker,Tinkerbell-You Had Me At Arf
*Please Note That Samantha Was Not Listed In The Final 5 But Came In As A Surprise Entry Due To A Wildcard She Won.

Most Popular Blog

The OP Pack-Chronicle Of Woos*
Maggie And Mitch-Maggie And Mitch The Airedales
Khyra-Khyra's Khorner Khome On By
Suzuki-Suzuki's Blog
*Please Note That The OP Pack Were Not Listed In The Final 5 But Came In As A Surprise Entry Due To A Wildcard They Won.

The Coolest Blog

Thor-Thor's Blog*
Dughallmor Beagles-Dughallmor Beagles
Nala-NW Ridgeback
Ludo-Ludo Van Puppy
*Please Note That Thor Was Not Listed In The Final 5 But Came In As A Surprise Entry Due To A Wildcard He Won.

Funniest Blog

Mango-Mango's Adventures*
Maya-Feel Good Funniez
Joey-Joey The Golden Retriever
Clive-Assistance Dog For Autism
*Please Note That Mango Was Not Listed In The Final 5 But Came In As A Surprise Entry Due To A Wildcard He Won.

Most Informative Blog

The Bumpass Hounds-The Bumpass Hounds And Kitties*
Khyra-Khyra's Khorner Khome On By
Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Suzuki-Suzuki's Blog
*Please Note That The Bumpass Hounds Were Not Listed In The Final 5 But Came In As A Surprise Entry Due To A Wildcard They Won.

Clash Of The Titans Bonus Category

Morgan-Morgan In Pittsburgh*
Petey-Petey's Playhouse
Ransom-From Ransom
Baby Rocket Dog And Hootie-Baby Rocket Dog And Hootie
*Please Note That Morgan Was Not Listed In The Final 5 But Came In As A Surprise Entry Due To A Wildcard She Won.

Good Luck To All
Also I would like to thank Ludo for the award he gave me
This Award Comes With A Tag
You have to list why you love blogging,You have to put it in a post as soon as you get it and you have to mention who gave you the award.
This is why I love Blogging:

I Love Blogging because of all the fun contests I hold and all of my friends who enter these comps,follow my blog and of course comment on my blog!!!
I have lots of blog friends who are very kind and I love reading all of their blogs too,thank you to the brilliant dog Ludo who bestowed me of the great honor of receiving this award.
I would like to pass this award on to Joey,Clive And Suzuki.

Have A Pawsome Day

Easter Awards Final Phase And More Awards

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Question Of The Week Wednesday!!!

Hi Everyone
Welcome to this week's question of the week last week it was not on because of my holiday absence.
This week's question is...............................

"Who was the first person to bark on your blog"

Mine is a lovely friend of mine called the ZOO and I still bark with him today what about you???

In other news thank you Thor for my brilliant award it really made my day!

I would like to pass this award on to The TN Bull Terrors who are my new friends hope you like the award

Got to go now

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where In The World Is Travis Tuesday!!!

Hey Guys
Welcome to where in the world is Travis Tuesday today will be very hard but you guys are pretty good so I expect someone will guess it!

Last week's winner was.....................................

The Bumpass Hounds and Joey The Golden Retriever

It was a draw because joey said Berlin first but the Bumpass Hounds said The Brandenburg Gate Berlin so I have to call it a draw congratulations to both winners.

Because this week is so hard I will give you a clue here it is.

Clue-Anagram Clue-rchsoenslsetmno

In other news Maya the Co-Author has started yet another blog for the budding writer inside everyone you can submit your own work or comment on Maya's I have put a piece of writing up on there so she will post that soon,so head over and comment or follow it will be worth it,the blog is called the Writing Room!

Good Luck To All

Have A Pawsome Day

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Review Monday!

Hey Guys
It's Blog Review Monday Time
This week's winner for the second week in a row is Mason Dixie for her brilliant multi-cultural review let's see if she can make it a hat trick next week!!!

Here is her review:

This weeks blog review is on none other than the most recent birthday boy Ludo!!

To review his blog I decided to look up the meaning of his name, in all languages....
with no further ado.................




  • Le ludo (du latin ludus, "jeu") est un jeu de société pour enfants, réunnissant de deux à quatre joueurs. ...été)
  • En français, le mot ludo a pour racine le latin ludos, qui veut dire jeu (on le retrouve par exemple dans les mots ludique et ludothèque). ...
  • ludOS (avant appelé FlowerOS) est un petit système d'exploitation gratuit pour les anciens PC. Il fonctionne seulement sous des ordinateurs ...


  • Ludo ist ein sehr einfaches Pachisi-Derivat. „Ludo“ kommt vom Lateinischen und heißt übersetzt „ich spiele“.


  • Ludo (dal latino ludus, "gioco") è un popolare gioco da tavolo di percorso per bambini; può essere considerato una semplificazione dell'indiano ...
  • I Ludi nella Roma antica erano un insieme di giochi di gladiatori, di spettacoli teatrali e di gare equestri, che si tenevano in particolari ...


  • Ludo ("eu jogo" em latim) é o nome utilizado na Europa para uma versão do jogo indiano Pachisi, um jogo de corrida para dois a quatro jogadores.
  • tipo de jogo de dados, peças e tabuleiro – derivado do jogo Indiano ; qualquer tipo de jogo ou de brinquedo; briga de atletas


Ludo es una variación simplificada para niños del juego tradicional indio pachisi hecha en Inglaterra en 1896. ...

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Congratulations Mason Dixie
The new blog to review is.........................................................................................

Maya the co-authors blog,Feel Good Funniez
to lend Maya a hand head over there and leave a comment or follow her blog you'll be laughing for hours!!!

Have A Pawsome Monday

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Easter Awards!

Hi Everyone
It's the knockout stages of the Easter awards,there will only be five blogs left in each category!

Most Colorful Blog
The 5 remaining blogs for this category are.....................

Tibby Tales
Khyras Khorner Khome On By
Feel Good Funniez
You Had Me At Arf
Who Says Dogs Don't Blog

Most Popular Blog

Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Suzuki's Blog
The Cowspotdog
Maggie And Mitch
Khyra's Khorner Khome On By

The Coolest Blog

NW Ridgeback
The Magic Sleigh Dogs
Morgan In Pittsburgh
Ludo's Blog
The Dughallmor Beagles

The Funniest Blog

Feel Good Funniez
Assistance Dog For Autism
The Bumpass Hounds
Maggie And Mitch
Joey The Golden retriever

Most Informative Blog

Khyra's Khorner Khome On By
Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Maggie And Mitch
Suzuki's Blog
Zoidberg Tales

Clash Of The Titans(Bonus Category,Public Vote)

TN Bull Terrors
Baby Rocket Dog And Hootie

Good Luck To All The Nominees,I will cut 2 blogs from each category on Thursday then there will be a public vote to decide the winners!

I will put more photos of the holiday and the big bone I got yesterday up soon!

Have A Pawsome Sunday

Friday, April 17, 2009

Supa Saturday!!!

Hi Everyone
Welcome To Supa Saturday
This week was pretty one sided here are the results

Tied in 4th place with 3 votes and 11% is Dozer And Coop and River

In 2nd place with 6 votes and 23% Nala

And Your Winner With 14 votes and 53%........................

The Bumpass Hounds

Congratulations To The Bumpass Hounds they are a bunch of fun loving dogs with a great blog,well done guys!

The new nominees are............................


Good Luck to all the nominees.

Have A Pawsome Day

I'm Back-A Post From Max

Hi Everyone
It's Max here I have come back after my few days down south.
I had a great time and I would like to say thank-you to my co-authors whose posts where very good. I would also like to thank everyone who commented and read my sisters posts.
Travis did not come down south because he is to big for the very small car that we used to go down there,we visited Canal Rocks,Castle Rocks,Sugar loaf Rocks and a lot of bays like Hamlin and Geographe we also visited rivers like Margaret River,Blackwood river and Augusta.
We saw lots of pelicans,possums,kangaroos,stingrays,dolphins and I attempted fishing but came home to our luxury caravan(NOT) empty handed.While I was there I bought Travis some schmackos and a squeaky lion toy which Travis is devouring by the minute,he loves the toy and it is now his so I am not allowed to place a hand on it anymore.I went with the Whales and my Dad who likes photography and took a lot of pictures he took pictures of most of the animals above except the Kangaroos because we already have heaps of roo photos.I will put the pictures up tomorrow.If you want to see more of my dad's photography visit
Now on behalf of myself,Maya and Travis I would like to thank Allyson and her dogs for the brilliant award she gave me.Thank-You Guys!
I would like thank Suzuki for nominating me in her five fur friday awards pleas vote for me!!!
And finally thank you to everyone who voted in Supa Sauturday everything will be back to normal tomorrow!

Have A Pawsome Day

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Award

Thank you to the lovely dogs and doggy moms over at Reflections of a Dog Mom for this fantastic award.
When Max gets home I am sure he will be thrilled :)

So, here it is:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Puppy Travis

As you can see, by the big colourful countdown, Travis will be five this year but I think we should all look back on some of his gorgeous puppy photos:

Travis, the first day we got him :)

Travis at about two months :)

Five months :)

Seven months :)

Nine months :)

A year old :)

Me and Travis today :)

Hope you like the pictures :P

Maya xx

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey Guys,

My lil brother, Max, who writes this blog for Travis, is going away for a few days so he's very reluctantly handed things over to me.

I'm not quite sure how Question of the Week Wednesday works so I'm sorry to tell you that it will not be returning until next Wednesday.

I will try to keep things up to date but just in case I get a bit lost and confused, check out my own blog:

Feel Good Funniez

I upload new cute pictures all the time and just this morning I did a post about cute puppy pics. If you head on over to the site, feel free to leave a comment. I have also uploaded some pictures of Travis for you guys to look at - as you can see, I am a little bit worried about managing Travis's blog all by myself :)

Where In The World Is Travis Tuesday!!!

Hi everyone
It's where in the world is Travis Tuesday time!
This week is a lot harder than last week and will take a good brain to guess!
Last week's winner was Suzuki.
Suzuki's answer was ancient Olympia and she was right.
A few others also guessed this but did not win because Suzuki got it first!!!

Here is Suzuki's award and the new landmark

Have a pawsome day

P.S I am going down south for Wednesday,Thursday and Friday So I will make it my co-author's job to do question of the week Wednesday.

P.P.S These are all the Easter award nominees:

Most Colorful Blog

Tibby-Tibby Tales
Laura-Zoidberg Tales
Nala-NW Ridgeback
Nibbles Treats-You had me at arf
Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Maya-Feel Good Funnies
The Barkalot Boys-The Barkalot Boyz
Joey-Joey The Golden Retriever
Khyra-Khyra's Khorner Khome On By!
Ransom-Ransom The Mexican-Chinese Shepard
Samantha-Golden Sammie

Most Popular Blog

Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Khyra-Khyra's Khorner Khome On By
Laura-Zoidberg Tales
Maggie & Mitch-Maggie & Mitch The Airedales
Reilly-The Cowspotdog
Suzuki-Suzuki's Blog

The Coolest Blog

Tweedles-Through The Eye's Of Tweedles
Nala-NW Ridgeback
Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Laura-Zoidberg Tales
Morgan-Morgan In Pittsburgh
Ludo-The Adventures Of Ludo
Khyra-Khyra's Khorner Khome On By
The Dughallmor Beagles-The Dughallmor Beagles
The Magic Sleigh Dogs-The Magic Sleigh Dogs

Most Funniest Blog

The Bumpass Hounds-The Bumpass Hounds And Kitties
Maggie And Mitch-Maggie & Mitch The Airedales
Petey-Petey's Playhouse
Joey-Joey The Golden Retriever
The Dughallmor Beagles-The Dughallmor Beagles
Rocky Creek Scotties-The Rocky Creek Scotties
Clive-Assistance Dog For Autism
Asta-Asta's World
Ocmist-Country Corgis
Maya-Feel Good Funnies
Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Laura-Zoidberg Tales

Most Informative Blog

Mason Dixie-Who Says Dogs Don't Blog
Laura-Zoidberg Tales
Suzuki-Suzuki's Blog
It's A Doggies Life
3 Happy Heelers-3 Happy Heelers
Khyra-Khyra's Khorner Khome On By
Maggie And Mitch-Maggie And Mitch The Airedales

The Public Vote will go up on Sunday after I have announced the winners of the categories above.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hey Everyone
Yesterday it was very scary because there was a thunderstorm.
I am pretty much bombproof except when we have a thunderstorm.
I can withstand fireworks and everything else that is loud!
I used to be alright until 2007.We were all around that T.V thing watching the Australian Open Tennis Grand Final when all of a sudden there was a huge thunderstorm with lightning as well.
There were huge cracks of lightning and massively loud claps of thunder it was so scary.
We had to turn the T.V off and all other electrical appliances off because we thought they might catch on fire!
Well yesterday we had another storm which wasn't that big but big enough to have me shaking under the table where the rest of my family were having a leisurely game of scrabble.
My human brother put his foot on my side and said that it felt like one of those cool massage chairs that shake.
Then they all started talking so I started to sing,when I sing it sounds like a series of high/low pitches that hang in there a couple of seconds after I have sung them.
Yesterday was very scary but today is picture perfect,it is very sunny and warm outside.
I was wondering what is everyone scared of because I was wondering if I was the only one who hated thunderstorms!!!!!

Have A Pawsome Day

Happy Birthday Ludo!

Hey Everyone
Today is very special because it's Ludo's Birthday,yay!!!

Ludo is a very cute sheltie puppy who has a very cool blog and he loves to go to the beach!!!
He lives in England and always leaves nice comments on his friends blog!!!
I made him a happy birthday button!!!
Hope you like it Ludo!


P.S Ludo's blog is the new blog to review,my human sister forgot to mention it in her post!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello from Maya and Blog Review Winner

Hey Everyone,

You have no idea how hard it is to get a post in on this blog! Travis is forever posting awards and competitions and they're just doesn't seem to be a day free for me to write anything, what with Supa Saturday, Where In The World Tuesday and Question of the week Wednesday. It's a tough job, but here I am.
I'd just like to wish everyone a very happy Easter from me and I hope all you doggies don't eat any human chocolate - best to stick to the dog variety.
It's the start of the school holidays now and hopefully I will be able to blog more often on here, as long as Travis moves over and gives me a chance, that is!

It is also my duty to announce the winner of the blog review on Maggie and Mitch's blog. I have decided that the winner is Mason Dixie for her original poem and very original way of reviewing the blog. Congratz. Here's your award:

May your week be wonderful,

May xx

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taking Over

Hey Everyone
I was on my pal Suzuki's blog and she was celebrating her 100th post and to commemorate the event she had a cool contest on.
I entered the contest and it left me thinking I could do something like that!
It is not my 100th post so instead i will celebrate my very special 58th post.
The person with the most questions right gets to decide who they want in the Supa Saturday poll,whose blog they want to review,which place they want Travis in and what the question of the week is!
I thought this was a pretty cool prize!
Pee-Mail your answers to

Here are the questions

1.Who won the first Supa Saturday

2.Whose blog was reviewed first

3.What was the first contest I ever had on my blog

4.What is the name of my co-Author

5.What was the big Finale of the change

6.What month did I start blogging

7.Which NCAA basketball team has the song "Who Let The Dogs Out" as their theme song

8.What was the number I needed to win Tibby's Bingo

9.Who won the most wickedest blog award A)Khyra B)Tweedles C)Samantha

10.How many of my followers live in Western Australia

These are the other questions I need answered.

If you were allowed to choose 4 people to put in the Supa Saturday poll who would it be?

If you were allowed to choose someone to be reviewed in Blog Review Monday who would it be?

If you were allowed to put me near any landmark in the world where would it be?

If you were allowed to choose any question for Question Of The Week Wednesday what would it be?

Have a pawsome day everyone

Happy Easter To Everyone!!!

Hey Guys
Guess what,it's Easter time!
I would just like to say a BIG Happy Easter to everyone.
I have been blogging now since December and I am loving every moment of it.
You guys are great friends and I hope you all have a pawsome Easter!!!

Love Travis

P.S You are allowed to nominate your friends blogs in the Easter awards!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Supa Saturday!!!

Hey Everyone
The Supa Saturday results are in!
Sorry this post is late but I have to set up the Easter Awards and check up on all of the other contests!
So let's get down to business

In last place with 3 votes and 14% Baby rocket dog and hootie!

In a 3rd place tie with 5 votes and 23% each Petey and Thor!

And the winner with 8 votes and 38%
The queen of all contests,Khyra!!!

Well done to Khyra and everybody else and thanks to all who voted!

The new nominees are.............

Dozer And Coop
The Bumpass Hounds

Good Luck to everyone

Have a pawsome Saturday

P.S I am still looking for blog reviews on M&M so please get them in by Monday

P.P.S Please nominate your blog into one of the 5 viewable categories 2 bonus categories will be available soon but I will nominate blogs that I think should be in that category so don't worry about them!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Awards!

Hey Everyone
It's that time of year again-Easter Time!!!!!!!!!!!
To commemorate this event I thought I would hold the Easter awards.
The Easter awards are an annual event where there are 5 category's and people nominate themselves in to the category's.
Here are the rules and category's.

1.You must be a follower to enter.
2.You are allowed to enter in as may category's as you want and with as many blogs as you want.

The 5 category's are:
Most Informative Blog
Most Funniest Blog
The Coolest Blog
Most Colorful Blog
Most Popular Blog

To enter simply leave a comment on any post saying which category(s) that you would like to enter.

Nominations close on Thursday 17th of April and the winners will be announced on Sunday 20th of April.

Also in other news thank so much to Tibby for giving me the most Kreativ Blogger Award,
This is a true honor so than you very much Tibby.
But this award comes with a catch you have got to list 7 things that make you happy so here goes.

1.My Owners
4. My Blog
5. My Blog Friends
6.My Contests
7.My Home

I would like to pass this award on to a friend who has always been there for me and stuck with me in good times and bad,I would like to give this award to none other but..........

Mason Dixie

Mason has followed,commented and helped me kick start my blog so it is now like it is,Mason herself has a brilliant,creative and inspiring blog so I would just like to say

Thank You Mason Dixie

Also check out Mason Dixie's latest post,it is the nicest,most thoughtful post I have ever seen!!!

That's all for now
Don't forget to review Maggie and Mitch
Don't forget to answer the question of the week
And last but not least,don't forget to answer where in the world is Travis Tuesday.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Question Of The Week Wednesday!!!

Hey Everyone
It's question of the week Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is this week's question.

"What is the wildest thing you have ever eaten"

Mine is the TV remote hehe :P

Have a good day

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where In The World Is Travis Tuesday!!!

Hey everyone
The second week of this brilliant comp is here.
Last week went successfully and I'm hopping this week will go just as well.
Last week's winner was...............................

Gus And Waldo

The Answer Was:
The Petronas Towers

Well done to Gus And Waldo.

This week will be a lot harder!!!
Good Luck
Have A Pawsome Tuesday

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blog Review Monday!

Hey Guys
The moment that you've all been waiting for is here,the blog review Monday results!
This week it was very hard to find a winner but I have made my decision.

And the winner is..........................................
Maggie and Mitch the Airedales!!!

Here is their review!

This week's blog review is Khyra!
We have only known Khyra for a couple of months but it sure doesn't take long to totally warm up to her! We first visited her blog when she was nominated for Awesome Blog Award and she won! There isn't a more hard-working doggie out there! Khyra blogs every single day, world without end!
Do you know how much this girl loves/hates squirrels?! More than any other doggie we know!
Her blog is so informative about so many different things from her Wednesday walkies with her mom to Falcon egg watching! This girl does it all! We can't imagine a doggie not falling in love with fluffy-tail Khyra! She beats us to the comments on every single blog we visit too! This is one popular and friendly girl! We are so very glad that we finally met you, Khyra! DWB could never be the same without you!What a great review thank you so much Maggie and Mitch and to celebrate your victory you guys are the new nominees!

So everyone get typing,because M&M are on the loose!!!

Have a pawsome day

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thanks Clive!

Hi everyone
This is just a quick post to say thank you to one of my DWB friends Clive!!!
Clive is a very nice Goldendoodle who looks after the little man.
He is part of Assistance For Autism Ireland and is very obedient but also very playful.
He gave me an award which I am so proud of so I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Clive for this brilliant award.
Also I would like to remind everyone to vote in this week's Supa Saturday poll and don't forget to get your review of Khyra in soon,the winner will be announced tomorrow!
And finally what do you think of my Co-Author's first ever proper post,leave her a comment to voice your opinions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a pawsome Sunday

P.S The Easter awards are happening next Sunday.
More information will be available soon!!!

Back From Camp

Yup, I got back on Friday but I haven't had time to write anything up on Travis: A Dog Like No Other because I was so tired after three days of canoing, hiking, rafting and abseiling. I missed Travis a lot and all our other animals for that matter. I just couldn't wait to get home so I could give Trav a hug and see my ratties, Nougat and Dougal. I even missed the fish - Edward and of course, mum's cooking. Has anyone else noticed how disgusting camp food is?

Well I hope you're all keeping up with the huge amounts of awards that Travis is posting on the blog. Every post seems to be about a different one but that's cool.
I will be making it my mission to find a new layout for this blog because Travis is not a golden retriever and the background doesn't seem to suit the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Maya xx

Supa Saturday!!!

The nominations for this week's Supa Saturday Poll are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nominees are...........

Khyra The Siberian Husky
Petey The Cairn Terrier
Baby Rocket Dog And Hootie

Are Co-Author has been on school camp but will be back to making posts soon!!!
That's all for now
Have A Pawsome Saturday

Friday, April 3, 2009

Supa Saturday!!!

Hey everyone
The Supa saturday results are in!
Sorry I am late but I have been very busy.
This week it was very close and everyone did very well!!!!!!!!
The results are.....

In 4th place with 1 vote and 2% is Nessa!!!

In 3rd place with 2 votes and 4% is Tweedles!!!

In 2nd place with 15 votes and 33% is The Dughallmor Beagles!!!

And this weeks winner is.............................

Clive the Goldendoodle with 27 votes and 60%!!!

Clive only just managed a victory,he was down by 3 votes with 12 hours left to vote and then as huge storm of 15 votes in the night sealed the victory for Clive as he just managed to triumph over the dughallmor beagles.

Next weeks nominees will be announced tomorrow!
That's all for now so have a pawsome day and a brilliant Friday!!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


The visitors came again and the gave me some treats!!!
They came and had dinner with us and we had lots of fun.
They stayed for a very long time so I had to stay up late so I could entertain them with my brilliant tricks,hehe!!!
My sis also took some pics of my latest walk to the reserve that is just down the road from us,I will show them photos soon!
Here are the visitor pics!!!