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Thursday, March 5, 2009

BEDZ,TVZ AND MONSTERS Dont You Just Love 'Em!!!

Two weeks ago my ritual was broken when my humans threw my old comfy trampoline bed out(probably because it had a hole in it) and got me a new green and white stripey trampoline bed!!!
At first I was hesitant with the new bed and thought it was a big green and white monster that would gobble me up as soon as I lay down on Is so at first i only sat on it and did not sleep on it.
The next day I went out the garden and conquered my fears and lay down on the big monster and found it surprisingly comfy and know I love my new bed.
I also have a bed that is in my humans bedroom and is the best thing since sliced kibble!
It is big and green and called "My Mojo" it is very comfy and I have molded a nice big body shape and lie in my Mojo every night dreaming of Bones and Other delicious things!
My humans move my Mojo into the living room every night and I sit there for hours watching a big flashing box that they call the T.V but the buttons on the TV are stuffed and the new remote they bought for it (it's glow in the dark you know) is also stuffed and it doesn't work. (Its my fault you know because I was the one who ate the remote that worked,Oops!!!)
Well after lots of fiddling with my paws I have finally attached a picture of my Mojo and have put it on this post!!!
Hope you all have a Pawsome day from
Travis The Dog!!!!!


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Travis!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's very nice to meet you...=) I like the look of your new Mojo bed! It looks PAWSOME...*wink* Hope you have a great weekend!


P/S: I'd love to join your blog! Added you to my buddies' list as well...hehe!

Suzuki said...

Hi Travis
Are you enjoying the blogging life? It sounds like you have some furry comfy furnishings at your disposal. And dont worry too much about the remote, they are there for chewing :)
Big licks to you

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Travis
Thanks for stopping by our blog. Of course we can be blogging maties. We'll add u to our blog.
Glad you like your new bed. We get new beds all the time because my crazy sissies are in the habit of destroying beds every now and again.


Amber and Nala said...


Thanks for visiting me! Your new bed looks nice but I understand how it takes some time to get used to new things. Speaking of monsters, my food bowl has one in it. Sometimes I hear it when Mom puts it down and it makes a loud noise....I DONT like it! :)

Have a good weekend!


GoldenSamantha said...

Hi Travis! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! I once ate a remote too - I'll try anything once... Sounds like a great bed - it's cool to get to sleep with the peeps, eh?
Love and Licks,

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Hey Travis !

Thanks for stopping by .
We have followed yo already [:
Glad to meet you !

Four Musketeers

Tibby said...

Hi Travis!
It sounds like you have some nice comfy beds! I used to have a blue doggy bed but I always sleep with the Owners now cuz I am the best cuddler so they put my bed in the attic since I didn't use it!
:) Tibby
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