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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My accomplishment list is short but very memorable.My first accomplishment was failing puppy school.
Even though I failed everyone was very proud of me because it improved me and I would listen a bit more on a walk.
I failed because I used to chase other dogs and be very naughty and not listen.
I never even got round the final circuit on the last week and I never got to get professionally groomed in the grooming station because they took me off the circuit halfway through.
My second and greatest accomplishment is the 2006 City Farmers Pet Fashion Week Parade.
I dresses up in cool sunglasses,a rocking jacket and a really cool Hat!!!
My humans sent it in as a joke and were absolutely stunned when they got a phone call saying that I had made the final 50!!!
When I got to the Willeton store dressed in my gangsta clothes I was stunned at what my competition was like, there was a boxer dressed as a.......Boxer a bulldog dressed as a bumblebee and a Samoyed in a CLOWN suit!
I thought each dog looked grrrrreat and when it finally got to my turn to parade my stuff on the catwalk (or dogwalk as it should be called) I was a fur ball of nerves!!!
It went pretty smoothly and i thought i had a BIG chance of winning!!!
But was extremely disappointed when I found out that I hadn't even placed!!!
The bronze award went to a dog who was dressed as a military officer and had cool cameo clothes on and looked grrrreat.
2nd place went to the bulldog in the bumblebee suit and 1st place was a pug decked out in black and white checkered city farmers gear and a neat beret!
At the end each dog got a prize pack that included a little city farmers stuffed toy man for us to all play with, A smacko chew bone and a small collectible Nova (the sponsors) radio station tag that said "I was a city farmers pet parade finalist" and I still where it on my collar today!

Well that's practically my accomplishment list but as I said earlier short,but definitely memorable!!!

Hope you all have a pawsome day from Travis the Dog!!!